The New Shul

Parshat Vayera

This week’s parashah, Vayera, tells the story of the destruction of S’dom, where Avraham’s nephrew Lot lived. Lot’s neighbors had besieged his home to attack Lot’s guests (who were actually angels). The angels struck the attackers blind. Then they announced to Lot that, because S’dom was so evil, they would destroy the city, and that he and his family should flee.

Lot appealed to his extended family to flee with him and save themselves. But his sons-in-law refused to take Lot seriously.

The Shem Mi-Sh’muel points out that, like the attackers, Lot’s sons-in-law were also in their own way blind. Even after they had witnessed the miracle that saved Lot’s home and guests, they could not draw the obvious conclusion. Their lack of vision held them back.

Often, we too fail to see the miracles that are in front of us: the miracles of life and love and beauty. Our weekday struggles deaden our sense of wonder and limit our vision, which holds us back as well. But Shabbat can help. By setting time aside each week to appreciate the wonders that are with us all the time, to recognize that the whole world is full of God’s glory, we liberate our vision, and ourselves.

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