The New Shul

Parshat Noah

Parshat Noah begins by telling us that Noah was “a righteous man in his generation.” In an ancient midrash cited by Rashi, the rabbis interpreted the words “in his generation” as a kind of disclaimer. Noah was righteous only by the very-low standards of his time. Had he lived in the time of Avraham, he would not have been anything special.

We can take that message as a criticism of Noah. But we can also take it as a back-handed challenge to the rest of us, a reminder that not being Avraham is no excuse. It is easy to say that, since I am not Avraham, nothing much can be expected of me. But Noah was not Avraham either, and, even so, he made all the difference in his generation.

To compare ourselves to Avraham or other great figures is to let ourselves off the hook too easily. The real question that we ought to ask ourselves is: What difference can I make in a world that has no Avraham, but that does have me? Our work, as human beings, is to try to understand what God asks of us in our own generation.

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