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Tazria-M’tzora/Shabbat Rosh Hodesh

The second of this week’s two parshiyot, M’tzora, teaches about the process by which one who was tamei — ritually impure, alienated from the divine — made the journey back into God’s presence in the days when the Temple stood. That process can serve as a metaphor for us today.

Rabbi Meir Simha Hakohen, the author of Meshekh Hokhmah pointed out that the Torah uses an odd grammatical form to refer to one has has been ritually purified by the priest. Instead of using the normal passive form nit’har (“purified”), it uses a reflexive form, mit’taher, meaning one who has participated in his/her own purification.

The point, according to the Meshekh Hokhmah, is that, when we are alienated from God and from each other, we must play an active role in making our way back. No priest or other intermediary can do the work for us. We are all ultimately responsible for our own journey.

On the other hand, we still need the support of others. Otherwise the Torah would have given no role to the priests at all. Though the journey is our own, we still depend on those who walk with us.

At this time, when physical isolation can so easily lead to spiritual isolation, this message is a crucial one. When we feel cut off from spiritual community, we must make the choice to reach across the physical divide and reconnect. No one else can make that choice for us. At the same time, the pull of others’ love for us makes that work possible. And our love for others does the same for them.

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