The New Shul


In the second of this week’s two parshiyot, K’doshim, the Torah teaches us the mitzvah of reproof. “Hokheiah tokhiah — Reprove, reprove your neighbor, and do not bear sin on his/her account.” Instead of nursing our anger at someone who has hurt us, we should confront that person so that we can clear the air.

The Talmudic rabbis taught that this is one of the most difficult mitzvot to do properly. Very often, when we confront those who have hurt us, we make the problem worse instead of better. The Baal Shem Tov explained that, in those cases, it is usually because we have failed to confront ourselves first. That is why the word “reprove” is doubled: to teach us that we must first reprove ourselves. We must own up to our share of responsibility for the conflict before we confront the other. Once we have accepted our share of the blame, we have a better chance of getting the other party to do the same.

By doubling our reproof, may we make our words a source of healing and not harm.

  • Due to Covid, The New Shul’s Shabbat morning service takes place outdoors and off-site, on the grounds of the Sandpiper School, 6724 E. Hearn Rd, from 9:30 to 11:30 am on Saturday mornings. Everyone is welcome. Please use the west parking lot and come around to the back of the school. Masks and social distancing are required (for distancing purposes, you might want to bring your own chair). During the warm weather, you might also want to bring water. Informal attire is fine.
  • The kiddush this Shabbat, April 24, is sponsored by Nina Targovnik, and by Diane Targovnik and John Jacobs, in honor of the birthdays of Diane Targovnik and SeonSage Targovnik-Jacobs.
  • All other New Shul events continue online. They include: Kabbalat Shabbat on Friday afternoons (5:30 pm this Friday), Havdalah (7:45 pm this Saturday night), daily text study, and weekly classes. Please contact us for the Zoom link.